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F.A.S.T. Global Marketing – The Illuminati’s Shit Pyramid
December 12, 2018

Back around June of 2017, my contract was coming to an end with my current employer at the time. I was applying everywhere, swiping left and right. Shit, I made a LinkedIn account to apply for some positions listed on there. I was looking at regular office desk jobs. That’s when I came across “F.A.S.T. […]

Risking the Sanctity of My Anal Passage Over Some Diapers
September 28, 2018

I tried to buy some diapers for my son off of someone on OfferUp because shitting isn’t cheap.  Well, glad I didn’t go through with the sale because I too, would have been hashtagging “metoo.”

Starbucks’ Afrika Bambaataa-esque Bamboozleness
September 20, 2018

My money, my rights! If you Khazarian wizards can’t make good coffee or scones, I will take back that schmeckel. Yahoodi’s better have my schmeckels!