The Toad Looking Poojeeta
May 26, 2024
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Imagine being so self-deluded, that after years of catfishing, you feel confident enough to post barefaced and unedited photos of yourself online. This wild barefooted domesticated female Tarzan, Indu, didn’t realize that she actually ruined her catfish game.

This domesticated poojeeta has a natural purple-hued lip akin to a person suffering from cyanosis. Our wild and jungly-looking poojeeta here looks like she hasn’t showered in weeks. She looks like a proponent of the “Januhairy” body-positivity movement where she lets the body hair grow long enough it starts popping out through the fibers of the clothes.

You can tell by looking at Indu, she smells of hing, fenugreek, coconut, and a hint of soured yogurt. You know, the typical poojeet stench that makes you curl your nose up in disgust. The wild part here is she admits to putting eggs in her hair. Damn bitch! At least don’t admit you have eggs rotting in your hair. Although it did work at distracting me from staring at how far wide apart her eyes were.

Indu also looks like she comes from a strong line of snake charmers who wear a loincloth with a discolored white turban on their heads. I bet this tamed jungle beast going through cyanosis wishes it was Holi every day so she could have paint thrown on her face to hide her hideous toad-like phenotype.