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The Toad Looking Poojeeta
May 26, 2024

Imagine being so self-deluded, that after years of catfishing, you feel confident enough to post barefaced and unedited photos of yourself online. This wild barefooted domesticated female Tarzan, Indu, didn’t realize that she actually ruined her catfish game. This domesticated poojeeta has a natural purple-hued lip akin to a person suffering from cyanosis. Our wild and jungly-looking poojeeta here looks like she hasn’t showered in […]

Hindu Avatar Creation Tool Explained
December 21, 2022

Some people may have a hard time understanding Hindu lore. Trust me; it’s confusing as fuck! One of the confusing aspects of Hinduism (also known as Dinduism or Dindunothingeverism) is the whole avatar system in Hinduism. I’ve listened to many explanations, and honestly, none of them make any sense. A 5-year-old can develop a more […]