Hindu Avatar Creation Tool Explained
December 21, 2022
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Some people may have a hard time understanding Hindu lore. Trust me; it’s confusing as fuck! One of the confusing aspects of Hinduism (also known as Dinduism or Dindunothingeverism) is the whole avatar system in Hinduism. I’ve listened to many explanations, and honestly, none of them make any sense. A 5-year-old can develop a more coherent story about his imaginary friend than Hindus can explain while wobbling their heads.

Last year on November 4, I came across a news story reporting that MP Dilip Saikia claimed that Hindus don’t worship pigs. Absolutely fucking ridiculous! Of course, they do! This seemed like Dindu embarrassment PR bullshit. It seems to me that Dilip Saikia was a little embarrassed in front of his “Gora” Massas. Quite frankly, I doubt he would be able to explain this shit to anyone and come across as sane.

He’s spinning his mixtape CD in one of his many hands while floating on a pink lotus.

I initially tweeted this in-depth explanation back in November 2021. True story, I had a million people reach out to me, thanking me for clarifying the avatar concept in Hinduism. I’m here today to simplify the Hindu Avatar system so every layperson can understand it.

One day, Mark Zuckerberg contacted Vishnu, who, by the way, is a very feminine-looking blue Hindu male deity. Unlike Thor or Zeus, this nigga never worked out a day and used a lotus to attack his enemies. Modern-day Dindus will try to draw him as this shredded deity, but let’s keep it a hunnid here… He looked pretty feminine for millenniums. I don’t care if you imagine him as this shredded man taking testosterone shots suddenly. Anyways, sorry for the tangent there… Back to the explanation.

So as I was saying, Mark contacted Vishnu one day and said, “Bro, peep this the fuck out! I got this shit that’s gonna blow your mind. It’s a VR headset!” He showed it to Vishnu and started demonstrating it for him. Vishnu was very impressed by it and asked if he could keep it. Mark being a Yahoodi, Mark Zuckerberg exclaimed, “Oy Vey… You’re a real meshuggeneh, Vishnu. This is expensive shit, man.”

G’Day Peppa

Vishnu pleaded, “But sarr, we phool support Israel sarr. Jai Israel sarr! Just one headset, sarr, please head wobbly wobbly sarr?” Vishnu was lucky because it was Zuckerberg’s son, Ying Yang Zuckerberg’s bar mitzvah. Mark felt charitable that day. A real mentsh. Mark being a descendant of Khazarian wizards, chanted some Yiddish words. A jinn appeared out of nowhere and handed Vishnu a Meta VR Headset. Mark told Vishnu he could try it out for a week and then return it, or else he would sue Vishnu. As Mark was leaving, Vishnu shouted, “Mazel Tov!”

Vishnu put on the headset and started to create his character in-game. He made a Pepa the Pig-like character and named it Varaha. Vishnu was so immersed in the game he forgot about Lakshmi. Lakshmi wanted to surprise Vishnu upon his arrival by cosplaying as Sita; while waiting for Vishnu to return, Ravana appeared and kidnapped her. Ravana was clearly a high-value man, a real Top G; he straight up told her that he wasn’t playing games and she was his concubine now.

Wholly engaged, Vishnu had already reached level 10 in the game. He now had to pick an ability for his character. Vishnu chose the ability “Varahi,” a feminine energy that gave him extra mana regeneration for 10 seconds while in combat and a chakra that causes stun damage to enemy NPCs. It also turned his character into a female pig. Vishnu had a blast with the VR headset.

To summarize, think of it as roleplaying or cosplaying your favorite gaming or anime character. You know, chicks that post their cosplay pics on Patreon for simps to spend their schmeckels on. Also, to answer the news story regarding Dilip’s ridiculous claims of Hindu’s not worshipping pigs, yes, they do. I know at least two pig deities, as mentioned in my explanation above, Varaha and Varahi. Anyways, I hope this helped everyone understand the avatar system in Hinduism.

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