Will Smith’s Questionable Hissy Fit
March 28, 2022
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Will Smith, a well-known cuck in the elite circle of people who enjoy a certain kind of pizza, had a little hissy fit at some pointless award show. This whole kerfuffle might be fake, as usual with most things in the entertainment industry. However, in the rare event it is real, let’s dive deep into this shit (not deep-dish pizza style though, na’m sayin’?).

Waneta Smith is known to be the nigga that sits in the corner of the room, playing tug-o-war his flaccid meat, while watching his wife, Pinky Smith, getting dicked down by some other man. Sounds bizarre, but beta males are into this type of shit. Good luck making sense of this kink. This might also be a satanic ritual among the elites. I don’t fucking know, but anyways, Will is a cuck.

I don’t follow the entertainment industry gossip, but I come to know about such things when I’m browsing WorldStarHipHop. Turns out that Willy Wonka Smith and his estrogen factory let his wife have sex with some rapper named Lil Ray Ray or Jamal, something along those lines. It became big news; meanwhile, Muslims were being sanctioned and killed off for not wanting to get sodomized, but that didn’t make the news. As with all celebrities that get moist or a hard-on from publicity, Weriod Smith was on some podcast his wife runs, called the Butch and Cuckold Talk. On the podcast, she made it known to the public that she wears the strap-on in their relationship and how she had sex with Jamal or whatever his name is. While Pinkett tells her tales of cuckolding debauchery, I shit you not, Willette Smith is growing tits from the estrogen levels he was absorbing through the air and emptying testosterone levels through his tears.

Somehow manages to look fruitier each year.

Fast forward some years later. About, I don’t know, 4 hours ago, when I saw the clip on WorldStar, Wylda Smith had a raging hissy fit and defended the honor of his YASS-QUEEN-YASS wife. It was from a joke made by Chris Rock, a comedian that somehow looks fruitier as he ages. I’m calling it now; Chris Rock is a closet dweller and will come out of it if he hasn’t already. Anyways, Chris says something about Purple Smith being in G.I. Jane 2. Whoppi Smith walks over to the stage, conveniently sitting very close to it. He approaches Chris, smacks him across the face, and then sits back down. Then Wanda Smith yells out something about leaving his wife’s name out of his mouth. The whole thing seemed scripted, to be honest, typical celebrity “drama” that the masses swallow it like a Japanese bukkake flick.

If only a dollar a day in donations could save Jaden’s manhood.

If this was real, I’m somewhat baffled. Wynonna Smith has two or three kids with his skinhead wife. A Google search showed three, but I’m only aware of the two circus prop kids he has that are somewhat famous. His son Jaden is now an obscure gendered individual who at times looks like a wealthy starving refugee kid. I don’t know what Jaden is known for, twerking in Atlanta or something like that. He also has a daughter, Willow, and it’s tough to tell what the hell she is. I don’t know what she’s known for either. It doesn’t really matter. The problem is, I haven’t seen Wendy Smith have this hissy fit publicly when his kids are twerking by the Fentanyl Floyd memorial. Wakanda Smith didn’t have that manly outburst and smashed his wife’s head through a brick wall when she admitted to having sex with the rapper Jamal Ray-Ray.

Even Wack100 questioned Windowshine Smith’s manhood. For those who don’t know who Wack100 is, he’s a 60-something-year-old oatmeal-faced man who likes roleplaying as a high school bully. Rather than giving his grandchildren piggyback rides and dipping cookies in milk with them, he enjoys arguing with younger people. Obviously, he does this online due to his shingles. If he’s not arguing with people his children’s age, he’s giving commentary on the entertainment industry. This is what Wack100 had to say about this drama:

I understand the clip might be hard to understand. It’s a bunch of niggas laying on the bed under their blankets, mumbling incoherent sentences and talking over each other. Wack100 says that Winky Smith should have beaten his wife up instead since she had sex with another man. I really don’t know why I brought Wack100 up; not like his words have any value or meaning. I guess I just wanted to describe Wack100 in the way I did.