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Will Smith’s Questionable Hissy Fit
March 28, 2022

Will Smith, a well-known cuck in the elite circle of people who enjoy a certain kind of pizza, had a little hissy fit at some pointless award show. This whole kerfuffle might be fake, as usual with most things in the entertainment industry. However, in the rare event it is real, let’s dive deep into […]

Becky the Dog Mom’s Sternocleidomastoid
October 1, 2020

Aiight, peep this the fuck out… Becky Smith, a 20-year-old vegan, self-proclaimed civil rights leader, hashtag activist, vegan, soy milk latte connoisseur, and dog mommy. Becky attended a hashtag rally with her skinny white boyfriend and her skinny black boyfriend (liberal cucks, am I right?). They all wore matching shirts that said, “My vagina My […]

Disney, BLM, and Will Smith Committing Heinous Acts of Cultural Appropriation
April 10, 2019

Dear whites, LGBTQRSTV, feminists, vegans, dog moms, Black Lives Matter, or any other Generation Z snowflakes, I am writing this letter demanding an apology for this blatant cultural appropriation and bringing awareness of today’s societal hypocrisy. Will Smith is a nazi, KKK, sexist, homophobic, Trump-supporting bigot! ANTIFA! ANTIFA! ANTIFA! Sorry, I’m just trying to sound […]