Disney, BLM, and Will Smith Committing Heinous Acts of Cultural Appropriation
April 10, 2019
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Dear whites, LGBTQRSTV, feminists, vegans, dog moms, Black Lives Matter, or any other Generation Z snowflakes,

I am writing this letter demanding an apology for this blatant cultural appropriation and bringing awareness of today’s societal hypocrisy. Will Smith is a nazi, KKK, sexist, homophobic, Trump-supporting bigot! ANTIFA! ANTIFA! ANTIFA! Sorry, I’m just trying to sound as woke and snowflakey as possible.

A brave and strong Nordic Viking alpha-male.

Aladdin is an Arabic story based in some Arabic country, where the characters in the story are all Arabs. They’re a bunch of Habibis and Habibtis eating falafel and riding camels. Why is Will Smith, a black man, taking the role of the Genie? This is blatant cultural appropriation. It’s like if the Tupac movie was made, but instead of having a black actor playing as Tupac, you have Ken Jeong with black-face. That would be racist as fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkk! Or imagine having Willie D playing as some Korean emperor in a Korean drama. So why the fuck do we have Will Smith with blue-face, going around Habibi-ing the fuck out of that movie? Why not take your cultural appropriation further and might as well have the Genie selling hand-slaughtered zabiha halal gyro sandwiches to Aladdin?

A Mongolian-looking Smurf

Look, I get it; the Genie sort-of has the swagger of a black man in the cartoon movie. However, that’s not my problem that Disney tried to make Genie into a stereotypical black man with a blue face. Take that up with Disney. My argument is that I think a better portrayal of Genie would have been an Arab.

Which one looks closer to the cartoon version of Genie?

There are plenty of Arabs that could have played that role. Hell, one of them even looks like the Genie and has that persona of the Disney version of the Genie. Khaled Mohamed Khaled, aka DJ Khaled. He’s an Arab, he’s got the personality to make the white man laugh, and he even looks out of shape like Disney’s version of the Genie. Imagine Aladdin rubbing that lamp, and the Genie pops out yelling, “Wooooo! DJ Khaled! We tha best!” After Aladdin makes his first wish, you have DJ Khaled saying, “Another one!” Instead, Will Smith pops out in the blatant typical cultural appropriation gimmick that everyone is okay with.


Suppose Disney and the #BlackLivesMatter online Twitter movement do not apologize for this racist act. In that case, I demand the next Black Panther movie to have a bunch of Han Chinese with black-face walking around in Wakanda. If people find that racist, I see Will Smith acting as the Genie in Aladdin to be just as racist. I demand an apology and the removal of Will Smith before the movie is released.

You wish to be a fuck-boy prince? Done! ANOTHER ONE!

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