Ukraine Is About to Build Mud-Huts
March 14, 2022
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Despite the countless sanctions and invasions on Muslim land, people like to think of Muslims as mud-hut dwellers, sand naggers, and camel jockeys. You know the typical nonsense about how Muslim countries aren’t developed or uncivilized. Oddly enough, with all this criticism, non-Muslims to this day do not wash their assholes after taking a shit. However, that’s a different story for another time. This isn’t about the kafir not cleaning his rectal cavity, walking around with shit molecules in his pants, and having a meltdown when toilet paper isn’t available in stores. This is about Ukraine, a western nation that prides itself on being intellectuals, superior to others in every way possible. They are now metaphorically (maybe literally as well, lots of Ukrainian whores out there) selling ass for a few schmeckels.

I see all these charities for Ukraine, young people on the streets here asking for donations to send to Ukraine. How is this even possible? Isn’t Ukraine a European country? Are they not civilized or educated enough to support themselves and not ask for handouts? Perhaps Ukraine is an uncivilized illiterate shit-hole that cannot support itself. I mean, this can’t be the result of war, right?

It’s all good, Ukraine; you’ll be fine. Your women have gotten enough lip-fillers to fix your shit-hole’s economy with their DSL services provided to the wealthy degenerate Arabs. In the meantime, keep criticizing Muslim nations; it’s the only way you Europeans can cope. Oh, and they better start collecting mud while Russia demolishes their buildings so they can build some stinking mud-huts.

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