Summer Lesson – Allison-Chan, Can I Sniff and Peek?
June 28, 2017
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11/10 for a game to further eradicate the Japanese population through modernity. Genius!

The game we were all waiting for should have been Sony’s major announcement at E3. Except they tried to appeal to the western baijo bakas and decided not to show this and instead showed a bearded man with an axe killing shit. No, Sony, we needed this to be displayed. The west obviously needs to be exposed to Alison chan!

No worries, you’re doing fine. You don’t look like a dumbass trying to look up her skirt.

Namco Bandai decided this was an excellent idea for Japan. A country with a population decline, yet somehow this will get men and women out there to fornicate and create more samurais. Now Akira-senpai will get home after working an 18-hour shift, turn on his PlayStation 4, and start playing this game. He now has no need for a woman in his life at all. Thanks to modern technological advancements, he can directly interact with Alison-chan via virtual reality. It comes cheaper than hiring an average-looking hooker and is more stress-free than having a wife or a girlfriend. He has Alison chan, and that’s all he needs or ever will need.

There are two Summer Lesson games so far, one consists of a Japanese girl, and the other one is with a white girl. In Summer Lesson, you role-play as a sad, embittered, low-wage earning high school tutor with a very sexually frustrated life. You come across a typical anime-like, submissive sister-chan who needs tutoring. However, thanks to VR, you will get the rare chance of getting a peek of her panties or a good stare at her cleavage. Sure, you will look like a fucking dumbass playing this getting a hard-on trying to see her bra strap, but thanks to modernity in Japan, this is all you can now accomplish.

Baka hentai senpai-san!

There’s really not much to this game other than staring at this girl most of the time. You choose a damn outfit for her; she dresses up for you, yet somehow still not questioning why you want her dressed as a maid to tutor her. If you’re playing the Allison version, it makes even less sense. Obviously, a woman will want to dress up like a fucking housemaid aside from Halloween or her OnlyFans content… Then again, we do live in a weird time thanks to modernity. I don’t know, but this shit is strange as fuck.

Now looking at that trailer above… Good lord! They found some weeaboo at an Anime convention to read the very poorly written softcore porn script. They sure wanted someone speaking Japanese with that gaijin-like accent. Sure is a fucking turn-on! The weeaboo voice actor was ready for a chance at a trip to Japan and to meet all the anime voice actors because subs are better than dubs! Little did she know that Namco Bandai didn’t give a single fuck about her weeaboo dreams. Instead, they had her read out her dialogues at a local voice recording studio near where she lives.

I wonder what the hosepipe is for in this trailer? Oh, wait a minute… Most of her outfits are also white. Makes total sense now!

The best way to learn Japanese is to have senpai-san hose you down.

Also, why the fuck is she at some shrine learning Japanese? I’m sure there are Japanese classes she could have taken home and wouldn’t be forced to live at this shrine. Why travel to Japan, live at a shrine (is that even allowed?) and learn Japanese from a creep? Is she even learning anything from senpai-san?

This bitch trying to teach you now? What the actual fuck is going on?

Sixty-five minutes of this playthrough, and I notice zero lessons being taught. The only shit I’m seeing this game capable of teaching you is how to be a permanently friend-zoned, premature ejaculator, beta-male cuckold. This shit is not even about her getting dicked-down or anything. You are literally in this friend zone asking her to dress up like a fucking housemaid or cheerleader without her questioning your intentions. This game will surely help Japan’s declining population crisis. It has to!

Whew! It’s getting hot in here with all this sexual tension between us senpai-san!
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