My Childhood Accident
March 7, 2022
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When I was a little boy, I loved surfing by the lake behind our house.  It was a small lake, but I had lots of fun surfing on it.  I remember one day I decided to take my surfboard to the lake.  My mother had warned me about surfing in the lake due to the weather that day.  It was a bit stormy, and the clouds were looking very ominous. Though I wasn’t afraid of much, I didn’t worry about the weather and decided to go surfing no matter what.

As I began surfing in the lake, I felt a bit light-headed. I don’t remember how I fell into the lake, but perhaps it may have been the strong winds that pushed me over the surfboard when I felt light-headed.  I vaguely remember, but I began sinking slowly to the bottom of the lake.  Naturally, being a little boy, I was not able to swim.

My parents told me it took them about sixteen hours to find me.  At first, they thought I was kidnapped, or perhaps even mauled by a bear and dragged off to some bear cave nearby.  The bear concern was very valid because my father used to hunt bears and fight them for their hides.  It was a dangerous yet modest living. So my father thought one of the bears might have tried to attack me to avenge a lost member of their pack.  Eventually, they decided to search the lake and found me at the bottom of the lake.  They then called 911, and I was rushed to the hospital.

When I woke up at the hospital, I was baffled about what had happened and where I was.  Confused about why my mother was crying and my father looking worried.  I felt like a fish at that moment, being in the water so long and then being taken out, an overall ghastly feeling.  At the time, I was wondering why I had all these electrical devices and cables attached to me.  Did they turn me into a car?  Am I Bumblebee? That’s what was going through my mind.

There were two nurses and a female doctor standing there by my parents.  I remember the doctor being very young and beautiful.  She looked like she was in her mid-twenties.  Slim waist, firm round ass, perfect hips, and big breasts. An overall fit fine-ass Puerto Rican Mami.  Her name was Dr. Feliciano.  According to today’s standards, she would have been considered an Instagram fitness model role-playing as a sexy doctor on Halloween.  However, this was 1990, so prominent feminists such as Amber Rose weren’t around to fight for women’s freedom. Back then, women were forced to choose professions such as doctors, lawyers, and teachers rather than a more liberating and pro-feminist career such as a Playboy Playmate.

My mother asked the doctor if everything would be fine with my brain since I was sixteen hours at the bottom of the lake.  The doctor assured her that everything would be alright and that it was common for children to have accidents.   She then requested my parents and the nurses to leave so she could examine me further, and that having so many people in the room might have been added stress for me. The nurses escorted my parents to the waiting area.

When everyone left the room, the doctor locked the door and pulled down the blinds.  She stood in front of me and asked me if it hurts.  I didn’t understand what she was talking about. She asked me, but only this time pointing at the lower half of my body. I was still confused, so she pulled the sheets off of me and pointed her finger at my penis, and loudly said, “THAT!” Dr. Feliciano said it was the biggest penis she had ever seen.  I noticed how much bigger it was than it usually was. I frantically start asking her what was wrong and for her to fix it.

Feliciano kindly shushed me and told me to relax. She assured me everything would be fine, but only if I keep this as our little secret.  Feliciano got close to the bed and grabbed my dick firmly.  She bit her lower lip subconsciously but in a very sexual manner. Naturally, being a little boy, I thought she was trying to hurt herself in a vampiric ritual. I was slightly afraid while still curious as to what was going to happen.

A few seconds later, she started sucking it. She began to devour it like it had been her favorite childhood lollipop that was discontinued, and now she had found the last one in existence.  After about 45 minutes, she stopped sucking and stood up. Feliciano took off her skirt and got on top of me.  I had no clue what was going on, but I knew it was right.  She sat on my dick and rode it for about 3 hours while changing positions throughout the entire examination. After I came, Dr. Feliciano told me I was the best she ever had.  I wasn’t sure what it meant at the time or what any of this was. She began to dress, and in the end, she kissed me and reminded me that this was our little but very hung secret.

After a while, my parents entered the room. We were there for a couple of hours until Dr. Feliciano told my parents it was alright for them to take me home. She assured them I was a big boy, and things will only get better as I get older. Feliciano also reminded them that if they wished to bring me in for a follow-up exam, they were very welcome.

Although, I’m not quite sure things did get better right away. I remember one year I was attending an all-black kindergarten, and I was the only Afghan kid there. One day all the other boys and I decided to have a “peepee size” contest. We were all little kids at the time, so none of it seemed homosexual to us. Naturally, I won the competition; it wasn’t even fair to the other boys. After that, all the little black girls would call me daddy. However, when the principal of the kindergarten, Mr. Brian Pumper, found that I had won.  He was furious that the other boys had lost, so he expelled me from kindergarten.

Pretty much what had happened was, the lake I fell into was enchanted. It was filled with magical herbs and good vibes.  My dick had absorbed it all at the time of my accident, which is why the lake cannot be found anymore.  However, the lake bestowed glad tidings upon me—a seventeen-inch Mufasa beast of the jungle, to be specific.  I was the chosen one.  I know some people may think I had gotten raped, but it wasn’t rape.  I didn’t cry, and the doctor was a fine-ass Mami.

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