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Starlink – Battle for Atlas, Kill Yourself if You Buy This
June 13, 2017

Please fucking kill me! So instead of explaining why this is a shitty game, I’ll just set out a scenario for you instead. John is a 35-year-old twat that spends most of his time on 4chan and Reddit. He lives with his single mother, part of the Odobenus genus, and receives an SSI income. However, […]

Safeway Cake
February 7, 2017

Carl Smith was doing ten years in prison because he had horrible parents. His father was a drunk and abusive twat who proudly wore his stained wife-beater shirt. His mother was also a drunkard idiot; however, she was the submissive drunk. She would inject herself with the “make-me-feel-good medicine” while watching the Maury show. Naturally, […]