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Starlink – Battle for Atlas, Kill Yourself if You Buy This
June 13, 2017

So instead of explaining why this is a shitty game, I’ll just set out a scenario for you instead. John is a 35-year-old twat that spends most of his time on 4chan and Reddit. He lives with his single mother, part of the Odobenus genus, and receives an SSI income. However, as of recent, he […]

Safeway Cake
February 7, 2017

Carl Smith was doing ten years in prison because he had horrible parents. His father was a drunk and abusive twat who proudly wore his stained wife-beater shirt. His mother was also a drunkard idiot; however, she was the submissive drunk. She would inject herself with the “make-me-feel-good medicine” while watching the Maury show. Naturally, […]