Becky the Dog Mom’s Sternocleidomastoid
October 1, 2020
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Aiight, peep this the fuck out…

Lonely women most likely singing songs about love at some protest and screaming at white men.

Becky Smith, a 20-year-old vegan, self-proclaimed civil rights leader, hashtag activist, vegan, soy milk latte connoisseur, and dog mommy. Becky attended a hashtag rally with her skinny white boyfriend and her skinny black boyfriend (liberal cucks, am I right?). They all wore matching shirts that said, “My vagina My Rights!” She was exhausted from screaming at all the entitled white men and the albino Somalian Uber driver that was there picking up an Alt-Right customer. She decided to head home after an intense session of screaming and TikToking. Poor Becky, despite being a generation Z-er known for screaming, her vocal cords could only handle that much virtue signaling.

Supporting the good fight against George Soros, who enjoys deep-dish pizza from that one place.

On her way home, she was honking like crazy and recording other drivers telling them she would expose them. Becky called all the male drivers a rapist and Trump supporter, despite some of them being very left-leaning liberals with a faded “Vote for Bernie 2016” sticker on their cars. Typical generation Z behavior with a subjective moral view convinced its objective truth and divine commandment through a Darwinian evolutionary model. Her peers were giving her likes and words of encouragement for exposing entitled white males, including the albino Somalian Uber driver. They, too, were generation Z-ers virtue signaling.

A shyster

Becky arrived at her house, which she inherited from Nana. Nana, God bless her soul, fell down a flight of stairs that had strawberry flavor anal lubricant poured all over it and died. Lucky for Becky, Nana had Becky, her only grandchild, in her will, and told her that she would get the house 5 months ago. Foul play was ruled out in Nana’s death. As Becky got into her 3,900 square feet home feeling tired of screaming at entitled white males and the albino Somalian, all she wanted to do was snuggle with her dog and watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” because fuck men. Becky was your typical “dog mom” person that tongues her dog and picks up dog shit with her hands because of global warming or some shit, I don’t fucking know. You know, the type of bitch with stickers on the back of her car, which informs people she’s a proud dog mom, and that the dog found her. That is the persona Becky fits.

A brave Nordic Antifa Viking.

Becky gets into her backyard, and to her surprise, she sees a typical set trippin raccoon in her backyard flashing gang signs at her. Despite Becky’s earlier ferocious tigress-like courage of yelling at all the entitled white males and the albino Somalian Uber driver. She didn’t know how to deal with a raccoon. She was a vegan animal rights activist; there’s no way she was prepared to stomp an animal to death. Becky froze the fuck up! She shut the glass door to her backyard. However, Becky’s tiny little bitch pooch came running to his mommy’s defense and started barking at the thuggish raccoon. The raccoon flashed some more gang signs at the dog and wobbled over to devour his little bitch ass.

Now Becky’s motherly instincts kicked in as if the damn pooch was her own begotten child. She couldn’t see her dog being killed by this raccoon. She grabbed her phone, unlocked it, opened up TikTok, started recording, and was ready to display her empowered female action because she was wearing Lululemon. The only real gear to empower women! She runs out screaming some incoherent bullshit, calling the raccoon a rapist Nazi Trump supporter and started swinging at the raccoon.

Little did the raccoon know that Becky went through an intensive course of self-defense class taught by Antifa to combat QAnon, Trump supporters, and heterosexual white men in general. She attempted to throw a punch at the raccoon, but instead, she threw a limp slap missing the raccoon. The raccoon found an opportunity and bit her feet. Once it noticed Becky screaming in pain, the raccoon climbed over the fence and escaped. She went running to her scrawny bitch pooch and started kissing it.

My vagina my rights!

A couple of days later, Becky started feeling an intense sharp pain through her legs and arms with a very high fever. She went to an emergency room nearby, where they ran some tests on her. Becky had contracted a deadly disease from the raccoon bite that spread throughout her body. They needed to amputate both her arms and legs to prevent it from spreading anymore and killing her. Before they prepared her for the amputation, Becky did one last TikTok dance challenge for the world. She knew it would be hard to TikTok now that both her arms and legs would be amputated. It would have been better if the bitch had just kept the door locked and let nature do its thing in hindsight; she would have had her limbs and on her way to buy a real dog instead.

After the tragic amputation, Becky was still kissing her dog because she obviously didn’t learn much from the raccoon bite that animals carry diseases. She struggled to get accustomed to her new life at first. However, wearing Lululemon pants empowered her to continue to live. Instead of rolling over onto the street in front of a speeding semi-trailer truck. She had a tough and challenging journey ahead of her, but Becky knew that if she could get that albino Somalian fired from being an Uber driver because she thought he was a caucasian, she would get through this hurdle as well. After all, she was wearing Lululemon.

Some time had passed, and Becky was capable of performing some daily tasks on her own. One of the tasks she excelled at was opening jars. She would place a pickle jar between her collarbone and chin and use her sternocleidomastoid to twist the jar lid open. Doing that on almost a daily basis made her sternocleidomastoid as strong as a strongman athlete’s grip. After posting on Reddit for validation, she became a cam model using her laptop’s accessibility features to assist her on her cam-whoring journey. Becky would ferociously jerk off dildoes with her neck while guys tipped her tokens on LiveJasmin. You know, the site that would pop up when you were searching for a torrent file.

Amber Rose, prominent Alt-Right feminist

As time passed, Becky’s sternocleidomastoid grew larger and intensely stronger. To a point where she was able to jerk off a man while deepthroating him. Becky eventually started an Onlyfans page to empower other women. Her struggle didn’t go unnoticed. Women’s rights activist Amber Rose was promoting strong entrepreneurial women on her Twitter account to encourage women’s rights issues. She scrolled past the articles about Rohingya women being raped by Burmese Buddhists. Instead, she was going through Onlyfans pages to find the “baddest boss bitches” online. Amber eventually came across Becky’s profile. Amazed by Becky’s sternocleidomastoid, Amber invited Becky to the safe, socially distanced 2020 SlutWalk as a guest panel speaker to empower young girls.

SlutWalk 2020 had fun events for young boys and girls, pinning the hot pink dildo on the male donkey. They also had an arts and crafts session in creating colorful anal beads by threading tennis balls together. The 2020 SlutWalk also introduced a new STEM workshop, where young boys and girls were taught how to assemble a vibrator. Savant sex toy engineers in the making!

Becky gave a speech about her struggles being a female amputee and how female amputees suffer more than white male amputees. She concluded the panel with a live Q&A and a workshop for women to improve their sternocleidomastoid. This spotlight put Becky amongst the top 2% Onlyfans content creators. From all the publicity Becky was receiving, she eventually bought a Mercedes G-Wagen.  It’s safe to assume that Becky was making some mad skrilla.

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