An Analysis of the Gypsy Benihana
December 19, 2022
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This twat is searching for his manhood. Spoiler alert: He does not find it.
Masculinity in 2022. Think he got the booster shots as well?

I may have a few screws loose. Otherwise, I would not be this intensely focused on the oddities of this song and its music video. From the title, lyrics, and gypsy artists, it all comes off as odd. It’s as bizarre as seeing a Chinese man with a black woman. You just can’t get over how odd that is. You have many questions about how it all came together and who approved of such an oddity. Is this black woman also eating Wuhanese bat cuisine? It’s just a ton of questions, no answers, and a shitload of unnecessary observations.

I recently came across this song playing somewhere, and right away, the words “Benny Hana” struck me a bit odd. Is this about Benihana, the restaurant? That led me to listen to the entire song and watch the video. It is not about Benihana, the restaurant. I don’t know what this song is about, something about jelly booty; regardless, it doesn’t make sense.

Now let’s dive deep into this!

Before I get to the music video, let’s review the title and the lyrics. The song’s title is “Benny Hana,” which, as I mentioned above, has nothing to do with the restaurant. I’ve never questioned my sanity, but I’m starting to doubt it because I spent a while trying to figure out what, who, and/or where Benny Hana is. It’s nothing. I couldn’t find shit about it other than this song or Google showing results for Benihana instead.  

He does a lot of this in the video.

The lyrics don’t make any sense. In the chorus, this gypsy singer and cellphone case protector seller, Pitt Leffer, sings, “Ola-ola, Benny Hana Would you come and dance in Havana?” I thought Benny Hana was a place in Cuba. Nope, not it, either. I’m still stumped on trying to make sense of the relationship between this unknown Benny Hana and asking to come and dance in Havana.

Gotta post the entire camera roll, right?

I’d like to take some time and introduce you to this gypsy, Pitt Leffer. He looks like your average Central Asian originating from some “Stan” country or the Mediterranean. You know, your typical male from any one of those countries, where they have countless selfie pictures of themselves like a bitch. Or where they wear those tight-fitted short dress pants with loafers. Oh, and I had to look up what those shoes are called; that’s how high my testosterone levels are, where I have no fucking clue about metrosexual fashion. You know what? Let’s list common metrosexual traits men like that share across those regions:

  • Selfies like a biaaaatch
  • Every picture is of himself posing, most of which are in the same spot with variations in movements. If you don’t look at the images side-by-side, you would think this twat has posted 95 repeated photos of himself.
  • At least one photo in the gym
  • A photo was taken in Dubai because metrosexuals tend to hang out in Dubai for some reason.
  • A photo where they’re leaning at an angle like paraplegics taking photos without support to trick some bitches into thinking they can still walk.
  • Photos of roses on their social media because straight men obviously like roses. Silly me for thinking otherwise.
  • Foodie pictures like a bitch
  • Pictures of cars they cannot ever afford
  • Photo of them using a laptop to show how they’re always working and making that cheddah’ baby! Top G mode, dawg!
  • Motivational quotes because you’re an unoriginal anal lubricant to make that monkeypox action a little smoother.
  • They always have “Entrepreneur” in their social media profiles because they assume that will get some bitches moist.
  • Styled eyebrows like a bitch
  • Greasy-looking styled hair
  • Shiny looking faces
  • Gay-looking, tight-fitted, shorter-sized pants
  • Loafers
  • Unaware of what socks are even though they most likely mass produce them in their countries.
  • Constant usage of emojis like a bitch
  • Overcoats
  • Scarf around their necks because bitches obviously think that’s a masculine trait, dressing like a bitch.
  • Most likely works at a small shop or booth at a mall selling glittery cellphone cases. That’s their fucking thing, I don’t know why, but that’s what they do.
  • Cringy way of flirting with women online; however, in their defense, it’s not as bad as Indian men wanting to SEXING BIG BIG BOOBING MOUTH GIVING PLEASE DICK HARD SARR!
You’ve seem a bunch of Central Asian niggas with a facebook gallery that looks like this.
Posting fruit pics ain’t gonna raise your testosterone levels.
Gotta let the bitches know he bout dat bidness!
Pitt Leffer’s LinkedIn
The metrosexual uniform.

Anyways, that’s all for now. I can go on all night, but I rather not. I’m sure you’ve noticed the similarities among metrosexual men in those regions. Even if you don’t want to admit it because you’re a woke, politically correct piece of shit, deep down, you know it. You know I’m right about this. I know Romania is not part of that region; however, Romanian men share those traits as well for some odd fucking reason.

Anywho, Pitt Leffer also has a store selling “Retail Luxury Goods.” He doesn’t have a site for it. You know what that means. Cellphone cases, probably some glittery gold and faux diamond studded ones bought in bulk from He has a tiny booth at a mall. Nigga, luxury these nuts in your mother’s aging throat.

Ok, now let’s get into the video here. It starts off with this post-apocalyptic scene of a city. Something out of The Last of Us or something similar. You have this gypsy man, Pitt Leffer, walking this deserted area as if he’s looking for something. The entire video is him looking for something and then doing these weird hand movements when he starts singing. It really doesn’t make sense. I’m not expecting a deep plotline in this music video. Still, you just never figure out what the fuck he’s looking for, and clearly, the lyrics don’t give you a clue because it makes absolutely shit-zero-fucking sense. Oh, and he has plastic or latex pants in some of the shots to accentuate his ass like a bitch.

Yup, it’s some Nae Nae dance shit here. Let’s bring that trash back again for the TikTok era!
Yeah… I don’t know.
Either really gay or really gay with a satanic meaning to it.
I don’t understand this greasy hairstyle look.

They then show you a bunch of gay-looking men with the female singer Antonia (another gypsy) with an absolutely ridiculous hairstyle. It’s that greasy hairstyle where a lock of hair is plastered onto the head. I personally get grossed out when I see a chick with that hairstyle. Now here’s where I was caught off-guard. This next scene shows someone in white flared pants walking, focusing only on the white shoes. Naturally, I think it’s the female singer, but nope, it’s a dude. A dude wearing one of those playboy bunny masks that bitches wear in lingerie shoots. I mean, the whole thing is just weird and gay.

Our gypsy boy, Pitt, is now standing on a crashed airplane and is still searching for something. Probably looking for flight 77 because it disappeared through the dark arts after hitting the Pentagon. We keep seeing the guy with the bunny mask walking around cluelessly, looking like he’s about to be sacrificed for some gay satanic ritual for the elites on a particular island. At one point, you see Pitt smile as if he finally found what he was looking for, but again, it’s unclear what he was looking for or even found. Maybe Epstein island? Who knows.

So yeah, a weird video with incoherent lyrics that don’t match the direction of the video. I wasted significant time researching “Benihana” and writing this article for no damn reason. Talk about wasting one’s day.

The castrated gang you trust your woman around.
Guys, this was an intense session, look, my eyes are closed. LOOK HOW FUCKING TIRED I AM!
Mango Records, a fruity record label for a very fruity individual.